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Updated 10th December 2014

Ben Ben Ben

I'm back! introducing 26 yo Plumber Ben. Ben is one of the hottest, blokiest fellas I've filmed in some time. The full extent of his sexiness doesn't necessarily jump out at you at first, whilst there's no doubt he's a decent look, he just keeps improving the more you look. Ben is definitely a mans man, very occur Aussie and carries the straight borderline arrogant attitude well. He's an alright fella, a straight shooter, seems very upfront Continued...



Updated 1st February 2014

Jacob & Dean Jacob & Dean Jacob & Dean

We welcome back Jacob and Dean back for a little threeway fun.
I got the boys in together to get blowies as neither of them will suck a dick. It took my throat a little while to get used to the work but It all came back to me pretty quick ;-) Jacob hasn't changed at all, just as he was 6 months ago, however I swear Deans cock grew 3 inches or perhaps he was more turned on this time.



Updated 3rd August 2013

Jacob & Travis Jacob & Travis Jacob & Travis

New fella Jacob is back with Travis who is back after some time. This time Jacob is a little more hands on and Travis doesn't really hold back although you can tell he's really not fully into having to suck Jacob's thick cock he does the deed none the less and doesn't complain too much though kind of hard with a mouth full of cock. Jacob finishes up blowing his load on Travis's face, he wasn't really impressed with that idea either but he was a champ and took a load.Continued...



Updated 16th July 2013

Jacob Jacob Jacob

Jacob is a hot as Tradey from NZ He's a very confident lad he still had some nervousness but he's the type of guy that will do anything and be pretty good at it. He played down the size of his cock somewhat because i was rather impressed with its length and thickness. Note the cock and balls tatts on his legs, you would think you would think twice about tattooing that on your legs but i guess a confident and pissed young fella will do anything...Continued...



Updated 3rd June 2013

Trent Trent trent

Trent is a sexy lad and a friendly fella he has a great cock I think I'd have to label his as the perfect cock, a bit of size, a bit of girth but not so big you cant get it down and not so small. Very suckable. He really had no issues with me blowing him, I grilled him as I do with most of them and he swears he has never been with a guy before, so I was only to happy to have his cock down the back of my throat :-) Continued...



Updated 18th May 2013

Jai Jai Jai

Jai has a cute & gentle personality and whilst he is already a really  good looking guy the more you watch him and more you have to do with him, the more sexy he seemed to get. which I guess his friendly nature helps that develop. I would love Jai dropping by for a regular blow and go but unfortunately he prefers women :( He is very very nervous in the beginning of the video but quickly finds his place and puts on a really good show Continued...



Updated 4th May 2013


Dean is an extraordinary sexy guy I don't believe the camera quite captures just how amazing he is. He has a handsome face, Great body , and awesome cock, however his best attribute is that which doesn't come across very well and that is his masculinity and the way he caries him self and he's great personality. If you ever have the pleasure to meet this guy in person only then will you understand what I am saying. Continued...


Updated 20th April 2013


I can best described Tyson as an adorable little man. A man he definitely is, and he's not far off pocket size. He is big in personality and even bigger where it counts. Considering this was the first time he ever had a guy blow him he seemed rather confident about it all but his cute looks have obviously instilled a natural confidence in him. I will admit he has a great cock to suck on and you will see when he blows that I fuck with his head a little Continued...



Updated 6th April 2013

Dave & Blair

34 y/o Dave is back for his second shoot, and not only is it his first blowjob off a guy ever but I decided to throw him in the deep end and made him blow 27 y/o Blair. For us the idea of blowing Blair is a treat, but for a straight dude it was a difficult task. I found it funny how he quickly adopted a technique that lessoned how far Blair could get his cock down his throat, by forcing his cock into the side of his mouth. Dave's body is nothing short of amazing Continued...


Updated 23rd March 2013

Dave & Shane

Introducing two straight best mates Dave and Shane. I met both these dudes and Shane's brother at a pub and found they were really friendly kinda blokes and they seem to have a real close bond having grown up together in Melbourne. Dave & Shane were keen on doing a video so I guessed a Straight Mate Jerk off session was in order.
Shane is an amazing fella he has an awesome body and well just perfect everything, the guy is built like a



Updated 9th March 2013

20 y/o Ryan and 25 y/o Rick paired up for a hot session. Both these fellas are very sexy dudes, great bodies, and decent cocks. They both knew what they had to do and "reluctantly" do a pretty good job. Rick is almost an expert at it now and stays hard as a rock the whole time, he's even pretty good at sucking cock. Ryan however is still fairly uncomfortable with a cock in his mouth but soldiers on none the less. Continued...


Updated 23rd February 2013

Ryan & Blair

Wow this was a crazy hot shoot, two of the sexiest guys around sucking and rubbing and touching and totally into each other. I had to get in on the action a little as it was to hot to not get my lips onto their cocks. You can tell both guys were happy with the pair up and were far more willing and eager than the usual. After a very hot session we wrap up the shoot with a very hot cum scene with boys shooting their hot loads thick loads on my face, if it's not obvious Continued...



Updated 9th February 2013


20 y/o Ryan is an amazingly hot fella, his body is amazing, he's really fit, tatted, awesome cock, very straight, very confident and in control, and has a great personality. Ryan is very easy going and didn't seem to mind letting me suck his rod tho I'm sure he would have been freaking out at some level. I think I would have to say Ryan is a new favourite!
There is very little to not like about this young fella. Sucking his cock was just amazing in fact I had to 


Updated 26th January 2013


Tom 22 years old from Townsville and works as a Spray Painter. He is very much the guy next door kind of guy. The sort of dude you check out and would love to root but you know it would never happen, He's a pretty sexy guy with a great cock, great legs & hot  butt. He's a very confident sort of guy and very self assured though you could tell he was freaking out at the beginning of the video but soon enough found his comfort in what he was doing. Continued...



Updated 12th January 2013

Phil & James

New guy 23 year old Phil is back with 26 year old James. This is the first time Phil has ever sucked a cock and I have to say he does a pretty nice job, James seems to have what I'd call a unique style, but we don't expect them to be good at it, we just expect that they do what there told :D I particularly love seeing James cop a face full of jizz and then run to the bathroom as fast as he can to wash it off (Note: listen to what James says at the end of the video) Continued...


Updated 29th December 2012


Phil is 23 years old and a carpet layer from Melbourne. He's one hell of a sexy fucka, he has a nice fat cock, smells great, and tastes even better. I met Phil at the pub and told him all about the filming work I could offer him and with in an hour i had him at home and the camera switched on. Wow getting him naked was amazing he has a great firm body, hairy hot legs, , and hot tatts. He has an amazing cock that I would suck on all day given the chance. Continued...


BLAIR Goes Bush

Updated 15th December 2012

Blair Goes Bush

27 yo Blair thought he would show me he's Favourite fishing spot, I naturally got confused when he asked me to get his tackle out... Ok so it may of been pre planned but the concepts the same. For something different I wanted to do a little bit of outdoors action and Blair knew of the perfect spot where he goes fishing, a secluded little place that was perfect for the job. As usual Blair is the man and gets into what ever he is doing Continued...


Updated 1st December 2012

Blair & Guy

27 y/o Blair is back in duo shoot with new fella 33 y/o Guy from the Gold Coast. This video really pushes Blair's boundaries as it's been years since his lips touched a cock and it only ever happened briefly. Guy is a very sexy man and just seemed like the right guy to put with Blair, being thrown in the deep end on his first shoot, made it a tough job for him and as you would expect he was very nervous but he does a really good job and gets in on the fun.  Continued...



Updated 17th November 2012

Rick & James

25 y/o James is back with 25 y/o Rick. In this shoot James cops Ricks big cock in his rear, James was really dreading the idea but I think he expected it to be so uncomfortable that the actual experience wasn't so bad. In fact I did see a few moments where he was loving it ;) The shoot is very hot and horny Rick did his best to relax and enjoy the moment though he was still a little awkward but that is his nature. James as always is a champion and puts in a great effort Continued...


Updated 3rd November 2012

DJ is 22 yo Kiwi from Coffs Harbour NSW he's 179cm tall & 77kg. DJ works doing Demolition. I meet him at my local pub just last week and he was sitting alone so I thought I'd have a chat with him, turns our he's a pretty awesome fella and pretty easy going to. Didn't take a lot to convince him to do a video plus of course the cash helped, so I took him home from the pub and here we have DJ. He's a fairly confident fella although I'm sure he would have Continued...



Updated 20th October 2012

James & Warren

James is back after a very long break he's now 25 years old and he appears a little older though he hasn't changed much. I teamed him up with Warren who always brings lots of energy into his videos and guarantees an interesting result. These two fellas together are the perfect pairing. No one will be disappointed by this video, its crazy good, both are eager for the cock now having done  many videos and well had there barriers broken down that and once the beer is Continued...


Updated 6th October 2012


Andy is a 23 y/o Factory worker from Brisbane. Andy is a sexy young fucker he's very fresh looking and has a charming personality. He's quite an interesting guy and very very friendly and seems like he would be an honest sort of guy. I felt comfortable in his presence and I'd imagine most people would as he has a welcoming personality. He certainly isn't lacking in self confidence but I guess most of the guys must have a fair whack to want to do porn. Continued...



Updated 22nd September 2012


21 Year old Travis is back. In a kind of back to front fashion, Travis missed out on the opportunity to do a solo video for his first video due to me wanting to put him with Karn in a duo shoot. So he was thrown in the deep end first. Travis wanted to have a go at having the spotlight only on him and I believe the back to front nature has has a really positive effect. He was exceptionally confident in contrast to his first video and this allows you to see Continued...


Updated 8th September 2012


Ronan is a 24 yo Irish Back Packer, he's a very sexy guy and has a great personality, I don't think video does him any justice as he appears much sexier in person as is often the case with many of the guys, but that said its still a very hot video. He has quite a large cock and feeling it sliding down the back of my throat was amazing. I wanted this lad in me and the more of his cock I had the more I wanted. I finished up taking his hot load and it tasted as hot as he looks.



Updated 25th August 2012


Ben is a 19 y/o Surfboard sales person fro the Gold Coast and nothing short of perfect. He has the whole surfy straight boy attitude thing going and he seems like a genuinely nice kind of guy. Ben has a very sexy n cute face and whilst I personally don't like a moustache on a guy Ben's little Moe is hot. He's a big boy body wise but very lean and fit, he has great skin, nice body hair and wait for it.. THE COCK! wow is this thing big and I surprised even my self I managed to get it just on the right angle once and I got it all the way down. Ben is going straight to my wank bank.


Updated 11th August 2012

Warren & Troy

Given their builds it stands to reason that I group these two fellas together . Troy & Travis both aged 21 make for one hell of an amazing shoot. Travis impales virgin arsed troy with his rather large cock. Troy had a lot of advice from his girlfriend on how to handle the pain and make it easier for him self and really he seemed to have no real issue considering the size of his first cock. Though he never really appears to be enjoying it much :p Both guys do a really great job and get into as much as they could.



Updated 28th July 2012

Warren & Troy

Both 23 yo Warren and 21 yo Troy return for an awesome session that doesn't hold back. Both these dudes are as straight as you can get and against all odds I managed to pair up two that get into it. They both suck down the cock with unexpected eagerness. The guys get very fresh in the shower, and in a lathered up state Troy thrusts his hard member deep into Warrens tight virgin arse. The pain throws Warren into a spin and the moment was short but here we have a genuine straight guys first penetration!


Updated 14th July 2012

Karn & Travis

Karn is back with new guy 21 year old Travis from Brisbane. The mix of these two guys is a little unusual in that Karn is very confident now having done a few shoots and Travis is extremely shy and nervous. It was good to see Karn taking control and get right into it, in fact if it wasn't for his awkward body language I'd say he was loving it. Travis is a hot kunt, big solid build, lightly hairy and a cute face. a big fat cock to boot. Karn does a great job and spends his time pleasing Travis and sucks Travis' cock clean when he blows.



Updated 30th June 2012


Troy is a 21 y/o Baker from New Zealand and is in Australia to escape the cold. Troy is Lovely guy, he's a big boy and has a bit of a dopey thing going, this and he's cute looks great body and sexy tatts make up one mighty hot dude. He's dopey persona is more of a cute thing he's really quite aware but is just happy to go along for the ride. Troy has a nice cock and a great set of nuts and he didn't seem to mind getting his first ever blowy off a guy. I certainly liked doing it :p


Updated 16th June 2012


23 y/o Warren is back and his was very keen to out do his last performance. Amazing this is one of the best shoots I've ever filmed. Warren not only out does his last video, he blows it away. He completely left his inhibitions at the door and doesn't hold back. He lets me blow him, finger fuck his arse, he sucks his own cock as an unexpected extra, baths in and drinks his own piss, and finishes the shoot by shooting his load in his own mouth. I really don't think he left many things out. 



Updated 2nd June 2012

Dan & Jayden

I teamed up 30 y/o Dan who is back after a year and a half with 19 y/o Jayden. These two make for a pretty hot experience. Even tho both fellas are well broken in and have both done shoots before they were both really nervous at the start of the video however once they both got a taste of cock they relaxed and got into the groove. Dan Takes Jayden's decent sized cock and whilst he finds it a squeeze he seems to enjoy it more than the last time he took one, he rides his cock and shoots his load over Jayden's chest.


Updated 19th May 2012


Warren is a 23 y/o Kiwi living on the Gold Coast and works in steel products factory. How fucking hot is this dude.. he's the perfect kinda straight fella with a cute as face with deep dark brown eyes, fit body, nice decent sized cut cock, and he even smells good. The experience of sucking his cock is amazing and you will see I enjoy it as he rammed it down my throat. Warren finished up shooting a very impressive load across my face and then leaving me to suck the remnants of jizz from his cock.



Updated 5th May 2012


Fuck Yeah! @ John, this dude is fucking hot as, he face is sexy with chiselled features, perfect body tight and fit and a great set of legs all with a moderate covering of hair. John is a 25 y/o Welders Assistant and lives on the Gold Coast and works for a mining company. Virtually everything he does is sexy. His biggest and best asset is when he shoots his load which he does in 2 lots, the first a decent covering over my next and shirt and finally a huge load directly on my face and mouth. Not only is this cum shot is a must see but the whole of John is a must see!!!

CODY. Self Sucker

Updated 21st April 2012


Cody a 27 yo Butcher from Sydney. Cody is a pretty sexy lad and is 100% straight. He says sucking his own dick is kinda gay but I disagree if that were true then every "straight" guy would be gay for masturbating themselves! Like a trouper he manages to do it and gets his knob right in. his sucks away on his huge cock building up more and more and then finally releasing his load onto his face, tongue and into his mouth.



Updated 7th April 2012


Lewis is 21 y/o Straight Fella originally from England and now lives in Australia and works as a Tire Fitter. Lewis is a sexy fella and a has a very sexual persona. I got to say he has a very nice cock, it's pretty big, and boy does it get hard. I really loved sucking it, tho I had a lot of trouble attempting to get it to go all the way down. The more time I spent with Lewis the hotter he got. He blows an awesome load and gives me a thick hot milkshake smile.


Updated 24th March 2012


Jayden is 19 and from the Gold Coast and works as a car detailer. He's a sexy young lad and is quite confident in him self. He describes him self as "rugged outgoing and doesn't take shit from anyone" my experience of Jayden was very laid back, casual, and easy going, and doesn't let things bother him. It was a pleasure, pleasuring him and I hope we get to see him again...



Updated 10th March 2012


Lachie 20 y/o Glazier from Brisbane. He's a cute looking young fella and is very boyish looking. While being young looking he still maintains a masculine look and its hard to deny he's pretty sexy. It was hot having him fuck my mouth and he forced it down as far as he could and was loving a every minute of it. Its sweet not only having my mouth fucked by this lad and but then also having his big load shot all over my face.


Updated 25th February 2012


Kyle is a 21 y/o Fork Lift Driver from Sydney. Kyle is the kinda fella I can only describe as WOW he is one smoking hot lad, and he's extraordinarily laid back and friendly. He's got a great cock to suck on, perfect size, decent yet not huge goes down all the way and doesn't leave ya wanting more. He finishes up blowing a huge load on my face leaving me to suck clean what was left, you will love what he does in the camera as I'm sucking clean every drop from his cock.



Updated 11th February 2012


Daine is a 20 year old apprentice electrician from the Gold Coast. As you can see Daine has a pretty amazing body he says it's just natural. He is definitely the sort of dude you can handle naked and jerking off in your lounge room, granted it seems to happen a lot in mine but given a choice Daine is high on my list. Daine really has it all, awesome 'uncut' cock, awesome body, tall, and he has that straight fella thing happening which just adds the final seasoning.


Updated 28th January 2012


Jayden is a 22 y/o Plumber from Brisbane. He's a young looking fella and very sexy. Jayden's shoot was easy to film, very straight forward and he had no issues at all. He's a pleasure to watch and has a very nice cock and it seems as though he knows how to use it to. For those that are into the younger smoother look you guys are going to love Jayden and those after the real straight boy masculine look then you to will love him as he seems to sit on the divide between Twink and Masculine. I guess to sum this shoot up in three words it's 'simple but sweet'.



Updated 14th January 2012


Garrick is 28 and from Sydney. He's definitely a mans man-masculine guy and I'm sure if pushed he would break you in two. That being said he's also a nice fella and pretty comfortable to be around, tho at first he was edgy and ready to run. Little needs to be said about the sexiness of this man he's as hot as it gets really, he doesn't have the
Model look but he has the real man look.


Updated 31st December 2011


Pearce is 24 years old and from Wollongong. I met him only an hour before I filmed him, but I knew straight away that he was right for the job. He does a great job and is very confident on camera. I loved sucking his cock as its an awesome cock to suck and fits just nice. Pearce blows a mean load on my face and mouth and added to the hotness of that was I sensed he really enjoyed that part ;)



Updated 17th December 2011


Blair is back once again it's been 6 years since his first video and now he's 26 years old, he seems to have lost his boyish naivety and has definitely grown into a man, he's filled out a little but still as sexy as ever and in many ways more so, I'm pretty certain his cock has gotten bigger as well :p This was one of the best shoots I have ever filmed there is an energy between us that has built from the years we have known one and other and the bond we have formed.


Updated 3rd December 2011

Tate & Mario

24 y/o Tate is back by popular demand and of Course this time he gets he's hole filled. After careful thinking there was only one man to do that job and that man is 
31 y/o Mario from SeducedStraightGuys.com
Tony from (SSG) was happy to give me access to Mario's super cock for a one time only performance in filling Hot Fella Tate's arse to the Brim. If you think the last shoot was amazing which admittedly it is, well you will be blown away by the energy that comes from this pairing.



Updated 19th November 2011

Tate & Bryce

24 y/o Tate is back along side with 21 y/o Bryce. Both showed their true comfort levels which really seem to be limitless. The two of them together simply wow! this is to date the best shoot so far. The guys are as good as it gets, the energy they both emit is amazing. You can definitely tell they are into one an other as they show a constant level of eagerness the whole time.


Updated 5th November 2011


Tate is a 24 y/o Personal Trainer from Melbourne, Tate is one hell of a sexy mofo. He's borders on perfection, amazing body, beautiful face, sexy eyes, built and a awesome cut cock. He is very sexual in nature and was built to fuck. Topping that off he's a pretty good guy, very easy going, and plenty friendly, well no words can really describe how fucking hot this guy really is, and even fewer can describe the experience, fortunately the video will let you experience what I did.



Updated 22nd October 2011


Bryce is hot 21 y/o Straight Fella from Victoria, he works as a cabinet maker and surfs as often as he can. He is amazingly good looking and has a fantastic cut body. He's also not totally into him self like most other good looking fellas the likes of himself. In fact he's a great guy. He does an awesome job and is very confident. He plays up to the camera and you can  tell he loves the attention. He will love you watching him to.


Updated 8th October 2011

Karn & Rick

Both Karn now 23 & Rick now 24 are back and paired up together for the first time in what I can only call a Cum Dripping performance. Both these fellas are very sexy, both got nice cocks and tatts, Rick does all the sucking a sucks Karn's cock well, in fact he had a saw jaw by the end of the video. I got in on the action and sucked off Rick while he was getting his mouth fucked by Karn. Rick shoots his load over Karn's stomach and then proceeds to suck off Karn till he shoots his load onto Ricks face giving Rick his first taste of cum.



Updated 24th September 2011


Shane is a 25 y/o Mechanic from Mackay. he's a confident & casual sort of guy, very friendly & easy going as well. He's very very cute and very approachable. I Loved... his cock, he's got one of the nicest cocks to suck it's big but just shaped right to go down all the way. He is very straight young fella but figured getting a blowy isn't to bad way to make some cash. What better way to finish than having him shoot his load all over my face. 


Updated 10th September 2011


Dwight is a 29 year old straight fella from Canada. He is here in Australia studying hospitality. Dwight is a bit of a performer and you can tell really enjoys being watched he also seemed to really enjoy me sucking his cock, though that could have been a little acting on his part either way I enjoyed sucking it and well he is straight so that one simple fact alone makes it very very hot....



Updated 27th August 2011

Justin is an 18 y/o Uni student from New Zealand. Justin's just your average boy next door kinda straight fella. He's cute, sexy and friendly. Justin gets his first blow job off a guy and doesn't seemed to freaked out by it, though he seems like the sort of guy that wants to try everything at least once. He has a naturally pretty smooth body and a very, very nice uncut cock and a nice set of nuts and just what I like to see not over maintained pubes. 




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